Sandra Chen Lau for PCC Board of Trustees

PCC is a great school

with serious leadership issues:

Long before she began volunteering at PCC, Sandra Chen Lau knew about the college’s great tradition. What she quickly learned was that this wonderful community asset is also
facing some very serious problems: 

“I strongly support
Sandra Chen Lau.
She understands the role of
a college Trustee, and has
the qualifications to excel.”
Former President,
Pasadena City College


  • A COSTLY, DISRUPTIVE REVOLVING-DOOR PRESIDENCY:  Yet another president recently resigned. That means six presidents in less than ten years – seven if there’s an interim appointment. Constant turnover leads to many problems. 
  • MANAGEMENT SO WEAK THAT PCC WAS PUT ON PROBATION:  Accreditation reviewers found college governance so poor, and campus morale so low, that PCC recently spent two years on probation – in real danger of losing its accreditation! 
    PCC's main science building was
    condemned six years ago




  • UNSAFE BUILDINGS THAT COULD COLLAPSE IN AN EARTHQUAKE: PCC’s main science building has already been condemned.  Hundreds of students and faculty have been forced into “temporary” trailers for years on end. Yet there’s still no plan to address the problem.
  • TOO FEW LOCAL STUDENTS ENROLLED. Barely a quarter of PCC students come from our district, and the percentage has fallen in recent years. One reason: outreach efforts to local schools and families have gotten lost in the turmoil at the top.

These issues stem from a failure of leadership at the Board level.  And every problem has been made worse by the conduct of our district's current representative on the Board of Trustees:  Ross Selvidge.

PCC needs and deserves better. As your representative, Sandra Chen Lau will work to:

  • Build an effective working relationship between the Board of Trustees and the President
  • Restore campus morale, stability and civility
  • Represent the needs and goals of today's students -- including our returning veterans
  • Re-emphasize long-range planning for badly-needed facilities
  • Insist on fiscal responsibility.

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