Sandra Chen Lau for PCC Board of Trustees


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Dr. Jack Scott - Pasadena City College President, Retired;
State Senator, Retired; Former Chancellor, California Community Colleges
Congressman Schiff endorses Sandra!

Judy Chu - Congressmember

Adam Schiff - Congressmember
Anthony Portantino - State Senator; Former Mayor of La Canada-Flintridge;
Former Member, PCC Measure P Citizen’s Oversight Committee*
Carol Liu - State Senator, Retired; Former Mayor of La Canada-Flintridge;
Former Chair, PCC Foundation Board*
Chris Holden - State Assembly Member; Former Mayor of Pasadena
Laura Friedman - State Assembly Member
Anthony Rendon - Speaker of the California State Assembly
Hector de la Torre - Trustee, Occidental College*; Fomer Assembly Member
Former Mayor Bogaard backs Sandra!
Bill Bogaard - Former Mayor of Pasadena
Steve Madison - Pasadena City Council Member
Margaret McAustin - Pasadena City Council Member
Andy Wilson - Pasadena City Council Member

Dr. Jeanette Mann - Member, Pasadena City College Board of Trustees, Retired
PCC Faculty Association
Michelle Richardson Bailey - PUSD School Board Member
Elizabeth Pomeroy - PUSD School Board Member
Dr. Susan Kane - Former PUSD School Board Member
Kevin Martin - President, La Canada Flintridge Education Foundation*
Ellen Multari - La Canada Unified School District Board of Education Member*
From left to right:  Pasadena Council Member Margaret McAustin;
former State Senator Carol Liu; Congresswoman Judy Chu;
Sandra Chen Lau;  and PUSD School Board Member
Michelle Richardson Bailey.  They're all for Sandra!
Dave Loera - Past Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, 4th District*
Lisa Sugimoto - Pasadena City College President, Retired

William E. Goldmann, Ph.D. - Dean (Retired) Educational Services, Pasadena City College
Cecile Davis Anderson - Counselor, Pasadena City College, Retired
Jim Sarni - President, PCC Foundation Board*
Elvio Angeloni - President, PCC Retirees Association*
Jon Fuhrman - Member, PCC Foundation Board*
Sandi Mejia - Member, PCC Foundation Board*
Diane Philibosian - Educator; Former Member, PCC Foundation Board*
Bill and Brenda Galloway - Advisory Members, PCC Foundation Board*
Jeff McConnell, Commissioner, La Canada Planning Commission*
Carla Boykin - Member, Pasadena Northwest Commission*
Steve Darden - Member, Pasadena Northwest Commission*
Kim Douglas - Member, Pasadena Northwest Commission*
Rogelio Ramirez - Member, Pasadena Northwest Commission*

Avram Gold - Vice Chair, West Pasadena Residents' Association*
Tom Seifert - Past President, West Pasadena Residents' Association*
Kris Ockerhauser - President, Goyden Park Pasadena Homeowners Association*
Susie Bishop - Program Chair, Linda Vistans*
Robert Bishop - CEO, Pasadena Biotech Collaborative*
Diane Magee - Member, Pasadena Arts Council*

Taka Suzuki - Field Deputy for Council Member Steve Madison

Quincy  Holcutt - Member, PUSD Measure TT Citizens Oversight Committee*

Nancy Bekavec - Former College President

Kimberly Freeman - College Trustee

Polly Low - Mayor of Rosemead
David Ryu - Los Angeles City Council Member

Sho Tay - Mayor Pro Tem, Arcadia
Ed Chau - State Assembly Member

Evan Low - State Assembly Member

Phil Ting - State Assembly Member