Sandra Chen Lau for PCC Board of Trustees


Welcome!  My name is Sandra Chen Lau.  I'm a non-profit philanthropy executive who has spent much of my career working to strengthen higher education.  Now I'm running for Pasadena City College (PCC) Board of Trustees.  Here's why:

Community college really helped me turn my life around. That's why I started  volunteering in support of PCC.  I wanted to help make sure today's students have the same  opportunities I've had -- or better!

I already knew about PCC's great tradition.  What I quickly learned was that this wonderful community asset also has some serious problems:

  • For ten years the college has had a  revolving door of presidents.
  • Poor management and low morale got PCC put on probation -- in danger of losing its accreditation!
  • Condemned, seismically unsafe buildings have forced classes into temporarary trailers.
  • Too few students from schools in our local communities are enrolling at PCC.

These are not isolated issues.  They all stem from a failure of leadership at the Board level.  And, unfortunately, the worst offender by far on the Board is the Trustee who currently represents our district.  PCC needs and deserves better.  That's why I'm running.   

I would be honored to have your support and your help in this campaign!

Sandra Chen Lau

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for Pasadena Community College Board of Trustees 2018
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